Västtrafik ❤ EuroPride

"Proud Trams" is a moving art exhibition where young artists have repainted our iconic trams. A statement for diversity, to show that everyone is welcome on our our trams, regardless of who you are, and who you love. The colors of the rainbow are represented by our line numbers – from the red tram 5 to the purple tram 8. Every day during EuroPride, you can see the whole rainbow train going through the city of Gothenburg.

A film about Proud trams

The artworks

An auction for the LGBTQ community

All the trams are photographed, framed and auctioned off. By buying one of the art pieces, you participate in helping RFSL in the fight for the LGBTQ community worldwide. 

Se the artworks on Bukowskis

"Rainbow Serpent”

Ebba Chambert 
100 cm x 45 cm

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“The Infinite Parade”

Oscar Andersson 
100 cm x 45 cm

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“Beautiful Nature”

Linden Carter och Mira Cederwall Victorin 
100 cm x 45 cm

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“Somos Semillas”

Nathalie Ruejas Jonson
100 cm x 45 cm

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“Gender Fluid”

Linnéa Teljas Puranen
100 cm x 45 cm

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“Daughters of Triton”

Gustav Gigi Sandin 
100 cm x 45 cm 

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The artists

Ebba Chambert – "Rainbow Serpent"

Ebba Chambert is a street artist with roots in Gothenburg, but currently living in Copenhagen. She draws inspiration from people, folk art, nature and dreams. In the artwork for EuroPride she explores mythological symbolism and femininity.

Oscar Andersson – "The Infinite Parade"

Oscar Andersson is an illustrator and comic book creator in Stockholm. Oscar works with contrasts in his colorful and expressive motifs, where humor and seriousness often fit in the same picture. In his work, the naivistic characters form an infinite parade that stretches around the tram.

Linden Carter and Mira Cederwall Victorin – "Beautiful Nature"

Linden and Mira became friends while they both studied at HDK in Gothenburg. Their friendship is the starting point for their works, portraying wild animals coming out of the closet together. They want to convey the feeling of freedom, joy and unbreakable friendship.

Nathalie Ruejas Jonson – "Somos Semillas"

Nathalie Ruejas Jonson uses her art in order to broaden the context outside the academic art world. She explores subjects such as racism, sexism, alienation and gender identity. The work for EuroPride is a tribute to her background, nature and all queers in Latin America.

Linnéa Teljas Puranen – "Gender Fluid"

Linnéa Teljas Puranen is an illustrator, designer and animator based in Stockholm. During the preparations for her EuroPride work, she discovered that marine animals have a more fluid gender identity — some even change sex during their lifetime. This is the theme of her work.

Gustav Gigi Sandin – "Daughters of Triton"

Gustav Gigi Sandin's artistry explores and challenges the norms of today. Religious and mythological expressions are mixed with 90’s aesthetics and popular culture. The piece is an interpretation of The Little Mermaid, with a motif showing drag queens swimming in the canals of Gothenburg.

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