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Västtrafik's podcast the next stop is about tomorrow's public transport – and if the trends that affect our way of travelling: urbanization, individualization, digitalization and durability. In sections talking Västtrafik's ceo Lars Backstrom with interesting people who give their answer on where we are going — and how Google can help to take us there.


Pia Sandvik

Section 11-Pia Sandvik

As ceo of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, is at the center of a Pia Sandvik accelerating social development. Her mission is to strengthen the Swedish business competitiveness and that it is done in a sustainable way. But is it really to reconcile high rate of innovation and long-term sustainability? How does RISE to increase the sustainable travel? From its unique position allows Pia Sandvik her views on issues that will determine our common future.

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Wilhelm Landerholm

Section 10-Wilhelm Landerholm

Wilhelm landerholm is the man behind the acclaimed service The Train Brain using smart algorithms and lightning-fast data processing can predict train delays across the country. An inventor in the digital time with both self driving companies and digital lawyers on his resume. Now he wants to revolutionise public transport with the help of big data and mathematical models. There will also be a conversation about ethics and morals in a future where artificial intelligence is a part of our daily lives.

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Lars Backström och Anders Westgerd

Section 9-Anders Westgerd

We continue to explore the issues that are shaping the future of sustainable travel. In this section, we meet one of Sweden's brightest and most creative critics, Anders Westgerd from Göteborg collective for Independent Living (GIL). With provocation and humor as a weapon, he wants to change society's view of availability.

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Darja Isaksson och Lars Backström

Section 8-Darja Isaksson

Darja Isaksson, digital strategist and Advisor to the blah Government, will visit the podcast. It becomes a conversation about conditions that will lay the foundations for new smart services; strong leadership, open data and the importance of national scalability.

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Micco Grönholm och Lars Backström

Episode 6-"public transport based on routes and schedules

When Micco Grönholm, Head of Future in Helsingborg city, visit the podcast he ask the question: should the future of public transport based on routes and schedules?

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Jerker Lindsten och Lars Backström

Section 5-the future of payment methods

Västtrafik's payment system has aroused strong feelings over the years. Lars Backstrom has invited Jerker Lady for a conversation about the future of payment solutions. You get a hint about where Google is headed.

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Sara Larssoon Bernhardt och Lars Backström

Section 4-social media

What happens when the train go? Has Facebook impacted the US elections? Lars Backstrom, many questions and concerns around customer interaction on the Web. Sarah L. Bernhardt, an expert on digitisation and social media, is in place and gives his views on the matter!

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Lars Backström, Annette Vejen Tellevi och Jan Jörnmark

Section 3-Inter City

Over the next 20 years will be for breathtaking 1 000 billion in the region. In this section, Lars Backstrom invited Annette Vejen Tellevi, architect and one of the coordinators of the Yimby Gbg and Jan Jörnmark, debater, author and associate professor of economic history.

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Åsa Minoz, Peter Alguren, Charlie Hedström och Lars Backström

Section 2-the sharing economy

The sharing economy is based on creating value out of unused resources. For this and more talk with Åsa Minoz and Lars Backstrom, innovation and sharing economy expert at ModigMinoz, Peter Algurén, ceo of Sunfleet and Charlie H. ceo on AirDine.

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Johan Trouvé och Lars Backström

Section 1-Johan Trouvé

In this section of the Next stop talking Lars Backstrom and Johan Trouvé, Chief Executive of the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce on how cities can be places for meetings, play and security-as for example in Vancouver.

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