Pay-as-you-go is money that you load onto a Västtrafikkort. You can top up the card at a ticket office. The price of your journey is deducted from the card when you travel. Once the money on the card has run out, you top up the same card again.

Deposit payable when you first buy pay-as-you-go

The first time you buy a card with pay-as-you-go, you pay a deposit of SEK 50. This deposit acts as a safety net for you. If you do not have enough money on your card, it is deducted from the deposit instead. You can have the deposit refunded if you stop travelling using pay-as-you-go.

Journey price

The price depends on the route you travel.

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Top up a pay-as-you-go card

You can top up your pay-as-you-go card at a ticket office, a sales point or on board a vehicle. 

Paying on board using pay as you go

Travelling in one zone: Check in by holding the card against the card reader when you board the vehicle.

Travelling in more than one zone: Check in when you board and check out by holding the card against the card reader again when you leave the vehicle.

How the card reader on board works

FAQ pay-as-you-go

Contact our customer service if you believe that too much money has been deducted from your Västtrafikkort.

Västtrafik customer service.

The money may not freeze.

You can only pay using pay-as-you-go on Västtrafik trains, buses, trams and ferries. SJ and Öresundståg do not have our card readers on board. 

Press the question mark button on the card reader and hold your card against it. The screen will show how much money is left on the card.

If you have registered your card on My Pages, you can log in and view your balance.

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Buying and paying for pay-as-you-go top-ups

You can buy a pay-as-you-go top-up in Västtrafik ticket offices, at Västtrafik’s points of sale and, in some areas, on board vehicles. 

You can create a pay-as-you-go account on the card by topping it up with money. You can do this at Västtrafik ticket offices, at Västtrafik’s points of sale and on some vehicles. You can then use your card to pay for travel on board Västtrafik’s vehicles. 

Deposit for pay-as-you-go cards

The first time you buy a Västtrafikkort with pay-as-you-go, you pay a deposit of SEK 50. You can use this to pay for travel if the balance on your card is lower than the cost of your journey. Use the form below to redeem or cancel your Västtrafikkort.

Deposit refund form (PDF, opens in a new window)

Activating pay-as-you-go

Pay-as-you-go does not need to be activated. The card is ready to use as soon as it has been topped up.

When you present your Västtrafikkort to a card reader, the fare is deducted from the balance on your card. You may need to press the buttons on the card reader and present your card again if you change lines and services when travelling through more than one zone.

Exchanging pay-as-you-go

You can use your pay-as-you-go balance as part payment or full payment for another ticket.

Validity of pay-as-you-go

You can travel using pay-as-you-go across one or more zones. If you are travelling within one zone, you can change lines within 90 minutes of your first check-in. If you are travelling between several zones, the validity period is 90 minutes from when you check out in the new zone. If you travel to a further zone, the 90-minute validity period applies there in the same way, but only if it has been less than 180 minutes since your first check-in.

If pay-as-you-go is withdrawn from the ticket range, for example for technical reasons or if the ticketing system changes, you will need to exchange your pay-as-you-go balance for a replacement ticket of your choice. Such exchange must be made during a transitional period of 12 months from the date when Västtrafik announces on its website that pay-as-you-go is to be withdrawn from the ticket range. You cannot choose to have the balance or the deposit paid to you in cash.

Abuse and blocking of pay-as-you-go

Västtrafik has the right to block your pay-as-you-go account, and any funds in it, where it suspects that the Cancel feature has been abused. Once Västtrafik has blocked your pay-as-you-go account, you are not entitled to a refund of your pay-as-you-go credit or your deposit.

You can use pay-as-you-go for travel on our trains, buses, trams and ferries. You can travel as much as you like during your ticket’s validity period. This ticket is not valid only for a specific departure.

Activating your ticket

Pay-as-you-go tickets are activated when you hold the card against the card reader. 

How long a pay-as-you-go ticket is valid for

One zone: 90 minutes from when you check in.

Multiple zones: 90 minutes in the first zone, then 90 minutes from when you check out in each new zone, provided you do this within 180 minutes of beginning your journey.

If you lose your ticket, you can get back any value remaining on it. All you need to do is register your ticket with us first.

If you have a ticket on a Västtrafikkort

  1. Create an account
  2. Register your card.
  3. If you lose your card, log in and block it. A new card will then be sent to your home address.

If you have a ticket in the Västtrafik To Go app

  1. Create an account in the Västtrafik To Go app.
  2. The period ticket you have bought in the app is registered when you log in to the app.
  3. Log in to the app from your new phone if you lose your old one. Your ticket will move to your new phone and no longer be available on your old phone.