Student discount

Student discount means that you can buy your period ticket to Youth Prize. You get 25% discount on 30-and 90-day period tickets.

This is required to receive discount

To travel with a student discount, you need to have student ID from Mecenat or Studentkortet as an app with the Student Travel icon.

Please contact or if you have questions about how to get your student ID card.

To travel

  • Ticket
  • Student ID from Mecenat or Studentkortet as app.
  • ID document

FAQ Student discount

You need to be able to show that you are a student to travel with discounted price. If you cannot view student ID and id for biljettkontrollanten, you can get a fee. You can get the fee reduced if you subsequently show up student ID and id at the ticket control's expedition.

It depends on what kind of period ticket you have. If you have a period ticket that is valid for the operator you want to travel with, you can also use the student discount when you travel with them. 

You must be studying at a university, higher education institution or in other adult education that provides entitlement to student finance from CSN. You must be studying at least part time for at least 10 consecutive weeks and have student identification from Mecenat or a Student card displaying the student travel symbol.